ASL University

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Have you heard of On this website, ‘ASL University’ is a really fabulous website created by Dr. Bill Vicars who is currently a full-time ASL professor in Northern California. His believe is to share ASL language and resources (along with a lot of humor) with everybody who wants to learn, even those who are not taking college courses.

He also understands that not everybody is able to drive long distances or even able to afford the cost to take classes to learn ASL so, hence, the online ‘ASL University’ was born. For anyone who wants to learn ASL 1 or 2 (ASL 3 is coming soon) on a self-paced course or just wants to seek a wealth of resources on ASL and Deaf culture on a single website, this is a GREAT place to start. Also, for anyone who is already fluent in ASL, but wants to know where to start when teaching ASL to novices, the website is also a great place to start.

“ASLU is an online American Sign Language curriculum resource center. ASLU provides free self-study materials, lessons, and information, as well as fee–based instructor-guided courses. Many instructors use the ASLU lesson pages as the “textbook” for their local ASL classes” (as cited on

Here is one of the many helpful videos posted by Dr. Vicars, enjoy!