Create a Family Calendar

58492042_scaled_570x342Create a Family Calendar

As the new school year starts, so does the chaos! A centralized place for all family schedules is a great way to visualize the activities of the week and help with family time management. Calendars are loaded with language. By creating and discussing your calendar with your child you are targeting many concepts including sequences (i.e. yesterday, today, tomorrow; morning, afternoon, evening), “before” and “after” concepts, lengths of time, numeracy, patterning, and tons of vocabulary.

Creating your calendar:

  • A family calendar can be made of paper or written on a pre-printed white board and color-coding by family member helps to keep busy lives straight.
  • Post the family event calendar in a public place like on the fridge, near the computer, on the door, or where the backpacks are hung.
  • Picture calendars can be used with young children and children with disabilities.