Words with Friends

58496342“Words with Friends” has Benefits!

Since its release in July 2009, Words with Friends has swept the screens of smart phones and tablets across the world. The object and rules of the game are mostly the same as that of a two-player game of Scrabble. Players take turns forming words on the board and once all the tiles have been used, the player with the highest score wins.

Since the game’s launch, the random opponent and chat features of the game have lead to a number of romantic relationships and even a life-saving situation. The game has a number of celebrity players, including professional athletes, musicians, TV personalities, and actors. in December 2011, Alec Baldwin was kicked off an American Airlines flight after refusing to stop playing Words with Friends on his iPad.

Besides being a part of current pop culture, Words with Friends has benefits for your brain. Not only does it help you learn new words and definitions, it can improve your memory, enhance your language skills, and exercise your mind muscles for long-term learning and retention. Word and logic puzzles provide health benefits and can prove worthwhile in the long run. Regular playtime can encourage your brain to form new patterns and complex neural networks naturally. This can lead to more brainpower and improved concentration and memory.

As your age, keeping your brain sharp and functioning optimally are even more important. Without enough stimulation and activity, the brain can degenerate rapidly and become less inclined to learning and taking in new information.
If you aren’t already a Words with Friends player, download it onto your Android device, iOS device, Kindle Fire, or Nook Tablet or play it on Facebook. Playing can improve your brain’s overall health and longevity no matter your skill level and experience. Other games to consider include: Scramble with Friends, Scrabble, Draw Something, Bookworm, Boggle, Text Twist, and Sudoku.

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Happy playing!