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Puzzle with kidSpeech Therapy and Language Therapy Services

Speech and language disorders affect an individual’s ability to talk, understand, read, and/or write. Such disorders have different causes, and may range from a few speech sound errors to a total loss of the ability to communicate effectively; they can be developmental or acquired and may affect individuals at any or all stages of life.

Speech and language therapy can aid in the progression of an individual’s communication skills level. Goals are set based on the results of an evaluation and are selected to achieve success through a series of activities at the client’s skills level in a structured environment. The recommended amount and length of therapy depends on the individual’s age and the length and severity of the deficit.

Communication Matters offers speech and language services for all age groups.



toddlerSpeech Therapy and Language Therapy Services for Infants and Toddlers

A child begins to develop speech and language skills at a very early age and this development is a useful initial indicator of a child’s overall development and cognitive ability. For this reason, it is important to make sure that your child is developing properly, even if he/she has already been identified with a special condition or need that slows his/her development. Click here for more information.


54536010_scaled_544x408Speech Therapy and Language Therapy Services for School-Age Children

Age-appropriate speech and language skills are also vital once children become school age as school curricula are often based on developmental norms of typically developing children. Delays in communication skills can impact acquisition of basic concepts and achievement in academic content areas. Click here for more information.


discussion of brainSpeech Therapy and Language Therapy Services for Adults

Across an individual’s lifespan, acquired communication deficits can occur for a number of reasons including stroke, traumatic brain injury, or other disorders. Communication deficits in adults can make huge impacts on their overall quality of life by impacting their relationships with others, activities of daily living, and vocational responsibilities. Although there may not be a cure for these disorders or impairments, there are many strategies that can improve communication and overall quality of life. Click here for more information.



Communication Matters conveniently offers after-hour services to accommodate to your schedule. To make the therapy comfortable for the client and family members, services are conducted within the client’s natural environment and the speech-language pathologist comes to you!


If you have concerns about the communication skills of you or your loved one, please call (904) 342-5984 for a complimentary personal consultation.