Screenings and Evaluations

swallowing therapySpeech and Language Screenings and Evaluations



A speech and language screening is designed to give a comparison between an individual’s current communication abilities and the expected levels of communication based on developmental norms. Areas that are assessed include

  • Voice (tone, loudness)
  • Articulation (pronouncing sounds)
  • Fluency (stuttering)
  • Language (understanding and using words) 

Screenings are not designed to diagnosis a disorder. Instead, they provide the information needed to make recommendations regarding further evaluation of communication skills or if communication skills are within the normal range for a person’s age.
Communication Matters offers absolutely free speech and language screenings to new clients! Contact us for more information.



The purpose of the evaluation is to measure an individual’s communication skills and to
determine their strengths and weaknesses. The evaluation includes formal assessment,
parental/family input, and background information.
The type of assessment chosen is based on concerns, which include play-based activities (for
young children) and formal and informal measures. Areas that are assessed include:

  • Receptive Language
  • Grammar Comprehension
  • Direction Comprehension • Expressive Language
  • Word Retrieval/Vocabulary
  • Speech Articulation • Fluency
  • Oral-Motor Skills
  • Voice Quality


What happens after the evaluation is completed?

Decisions about a service plan are based on results from an evaluation and vary from client to client. Therapy services may or may not be recommended. To learn more about the therapy services offered, click here.