• We’ve been taking the baby sign language class with Sara for about 5 months now. Sara’s a great instructor. She always keeps the class fun and interesting with games, music and songs that we sing.
My 7 month old daughter has started signing “milk”, that’s one that we’ve learned. I am looking forward to her learning more signs so we can communicate better before she can speak.



• I’ve been taking the baby sign language class for 3 months. My son Vincent can use the signs for “more, eat, jump and milk”. The instructor Sara is really fun to learn from and she incorporates the babies and moms into the class and teaches us many signs.



• I’ve been taking the sign language class for about 4 months. What I appreciate about the class the most is that our baby is able to communicate with us by using her sign language instead of words.
The signs that my daughter has learn from the class is “milk, all-done,” her favorite thing is to watch fans so she’s learn “fan”, also “more” for more food, also “mommy” is getting close, that’s a hard one but she’s getting close.



• I’ve been in the sign class for 4 months. I started the class 3 months before my child was even born. She’s starting to recognize a couple of signs now. When my husband and I sign “milk”, she knows she s about to get her bottle. She knows “bath”, we gets excited, we start to sing the bath time song, she actually starts to play getting ready for her bath. She knows “dirty”, I always ask her if her diaper is dirty, she knows she’s about to get a diaper change.



• Sara is highly skilled, dedicated, and compassionate. She has the unique ability to combine evidence-based practices with creativity, flexibility, and passion to meet children’s individual skill levels and needs. She takes time to ensure that families are involved with the children’s progress and patiently listens to parents’ concerns, comments, and questions.

A.S., M.S., CCC-SLP, former co-worker


• I appreciate Sara taking the time to teach me sign language so I could have better communication with my son. She also taught me to understand more about the Deaf community so I felt more prepared to move forward with my son, Jeffrey. Being a non-native English speaker, I appreciate more than ever that Sara made sure I understood all the information that was presented by trying to speak my language and using many visual cues. I will never forget her patience and I will show my gratitude by continuing to practice sign language with my son. I can only hope that there are more teachers like Sara out in this world who spend time with parents of Deaf children.

Elicet, parent


• Sara is a skilled and reliable speech therapist. She has an exceptional knowledge base of hearing loss, Deaf culture, and is fluent in sign language. She shows extreme compassion for her students and contributes hours to educating and mentoring parents and other professionals. It has been an extreme pleasure working with her for the past four years. She is a great person and a dedicated professional.

Lauren, Teacher of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing